BHPBilliton to put 'Safety First'

BHP is one of the largest dry bulk charterers in the world. They procured freight for close to one quarter of a billion tonnes of iron ore, coal and copper in 2016, over 1500 voyages. Ocean freight is vital to BHP's success as a reliable global supplier. The company is known for taking a lead role in driving changes in the dry bulk freight industry to focus on safety, environmental sustainability, innovation and efficiency.

A recent cover story in their company’s communication platform, by Rashpal Bhatti, Vice President, Freight highlights once again the focus on safety and the role of crew.

"We believe there are four improvements that we can help drive given our global view, the scale of our business and success with safety and sustainability.

And our first priority is safety.

Three decades ago, tragic incidents like the Exxon Valdez drove transformation within the oil and gas shipping industry, led by Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) . Today OCIMF standards set the benchmark for marine safety. Along with our industry partners, we intend to bring dry bulk shipping standards up to and beyond that benchmark.

Last year, together with various industry players, we led the formation of the Dry Bulk Forum (DBF). This group will serve as a catalyst for necessary cultural change by evolving continuous improvement of safety standards, with a focus on crews and equipment. As a leading member of the DBF we intend to globalise and raise the safety standards across the ocean freight shipping industry.