The Five Factors of Fitness (1/2)

Big data is enabling health people around the world to monitor fitness and wellbeing and prevent illnesses before they occur. The evolution towards ubiquitous connectivity and affordable, clinical grade sensors give access to insights on one’s core elements of health. This evolution is having massive impact on safety, team reliance and risk prevention.
But what relevant factors technology should one measure with maximal impact on such team safety and performance? What are relevant measurements to increase confidence, peace of mind and minimize incidents? We will look at the drivers through the lens of one particular sector: the maritime industry.
An accurate framework to answer the foregoing questions is the somewhat alliteratively named Five Factors of Fitness, with the latter being interpreted as ‘being fit do perform a safe job’. These Five Factors cover cardiovascular health, sleep, energy and recovery, stress and activity.
Cardiovascular monitoring is a prime factor in avoidance of incidents. The Society of Occupational Medicine shows that up to 70 % of all fatalities on board has a cardiovascular cause. Besides, insurance statistics indicate that cardiovascular issues are at the root of most of the work disruptions, and evacuations. Through algorithmic analysis of ECGs and, worrying patterns and arrhythmias can be brought to the surface on a continuous basis.